Custom RV & Trailer Skirt Upholstery in Kansas City

RV camping in cold climates or during the winter months can present some challenges to energy efficiency and personal comfort.

If you are planning to camp or have an extended stay in your RV during cold weather you may want to consider the addition of exterior vinyl skirting around the base of your RV. Skirting can effectively reduce interior heat loss by as much as 25%, noticeably increasing comfort levels and help prevent plumbing from freezing. Wind infiltration can also be reduced.

Skirting can be rolled or folded and stored when you don’t need it or when you are traveling. Properly stored, it will last for many years.

We construct RV skirting from heavy duty vinyl fabric which is highly resistant to tears and fraying while remaining flexible in cold weather. It is custom measured and designed to fit around steps, hitches, pipes, water and electrical outlets and other obstructions of your RV. We construct skirting in panels which provide quick access to the underside of your RV if needed.

Another benefit of RV or trailer skirting is that its installation will prolong the life of your expensive RV tires by eliminating or reducing sun deterioration. UV exposure is a leading cause of tire replacement. Tires are designed and built to be used; the rubber used in tires ages more quickly when the tires are not used, resulting in a prematurely shortened life. Motor-homes, RVs and trailers commonly aren’t on the road every day like a car. They tend to be stored in one place for an extended period. When tires are not in use, they start to dry out and age faster. This is compounded by ozone exposure and UV rays from the sun. Weather cracking, also known as checking, occurs on tires when they are exposed to sunlight. This is particularly true of a tire’s sidewall, and damaged sidewalls can lead to dangerous blowouts on the road.

It’s common to see motor-home, RV and trailer tires with low mileage and plenty of tread that have been ruined by these environmental effects. For long term prevention of tire damage, RV skirting is an excellent and cost efficient option to consider!

Our custom RV skirt upholstery services combine attractive looks, functionality and energy savings!

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