Automotive Carpet Repair & Replacement in the 
Kansas City Area

If your car has damaged, worn or missing carpet, give Grandview Upholstery a call! Pets, kids, spilled drinks, and mud and rain can result in dull, dingy and stained automotive carpet, and leave an ‘aromatic’ trace in your car’s interior.

Our team at Grandview Upholstery crafts precision-fit replacement carpet for any age and model of car. We carry the perfect carpet for your car, truck or van, and can match the look and feel of vintage floor coverings for those special restoration projects.

Installing new carpet in a car can be very labor intensive; the process involves removing seats, hardware, padding and underlayment, then cleaning the shell thoroughly before beginning the replacement. It requires special tools and processes to work in such tight spaces. Let us handle this work for you! We have years of experience repairing, replacing and upgrading automotive carpet, with scores of satisfied customers.

Optional upgrades include installing soundproofing before replacing the carpet. We will be happy to discuss all of your options regarding materials and labor before and during your job, as sometimes problems will not be evident until the carpet is removed. These can include water damage, flooring holes and rust.

Our replacement carpeting, padding and underlayment materials are manufactured from superior quality materials and are fully guaranteed. We’ve replaced and repaired carpeting in a wide variety of vehicles, and have provided these services for many customers over the years.

For those special projects, we can work with multiple tones and textures, piping, and leather trims and edgings—limited only by your imagination! Whatever you can envision, we can design, craft and install.

You can protect your new carpet and prolong its life by the simple addition of custom floor mats, which we can make at the same time we are replacing the carpet in your vehicle. Floor mats and cargo liners are a great upgrade, along with carpet repair or replacement, to enhance your driving experience.

Contact Grandview Upholstery to schedule your automotive carpet repair or upgrade consultation today.
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