Custom Boat Seat Cover Upholstery

Boat seat covers are an economical option to full reupholstery. When your seating surfaces are just worn, faded or have minimal surface damage, custom boat seat covers will provide a great visual and functional upgrade. We do it all, from measuring to installation!

Custom boat seat covers are made to measure in our workroom here in Grandview, Missouri. We will talk with you to assess your needs:

  • Is this a high use boat, out on the water every day, or in use only occasionally?
  • In what conditions will the boat be used and stored? (salt water/fresh water/indoor or outdoor year-round storage?)
  • Are kids and pets an issue?
  • Are your needs primarily functional?
  • Or lastly, are you looking for a total style and color makeover?
We’ll discuss your style, color and fabric preferences, and provide you with a range of options from which to choose. Marine grade vinyl upholstery fabrics are a great option in many cases. These are strong, long lasting, and highly resistant to UV rays that can degrade other fabrics commonly available to the consumer. Upholstery fabric for boat seat covers is a specialty item that you won’t find in your average fabric shop, but you can be assured that the boat seating upholstery and covering jobs from Grandview Upholstery will last for many years.
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