Auto Headliner Repair & Replacement in Grandview, MO

If your car headliner is drooping, torn, or stained, call on our expert team of technicians to fix or replace it.

Automotive headliners can sustain damage and wear from environmental factors, such as leaks, moisture, high temperatures and age. In vintage cars, sagging headliners are quite common. Although the fabric facing the cabin interior is the only thing you see, headliners actually consist of several parts: a rigid board, insulation, and a fabric or foam-backed fabric. Additionally, there can be attachments for sound system wiring, lighting, and cut-outs and hardware attachment points for components such as storage consoles, straps, and sunroofs. Often, this job is more complex and involved than it looks, and do-it-yourself kits are just not going to give you a long lasting, professional, clean and well-crafted look.

It takes years of hand’s-on expertise to properly replace a headliner on a modern or classic car. We specialize in repair, restoration and replacement work on interiors of vintage cars as well as your daily ride. Restoring or replacing a headliner on a collector car requires skill and patience, and the ability to source structurally and visually appropriate materials. We love this challenge!

Check out our photo gallery of automotive interior design work!

Contact Grandview Upholstery, your local automotive upholstery shop, for a consultation on headliner repair or replacement. Auto headliner repair cost can be less than you think!
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